Saturday, 8 June, 20.30h
S.M.U.R.saloon #1
with: Carlo Cellamare, author of the publication ‘Progettualità dell’agire urbano’
commented by: Elke Krasny

Saturday, 14 September, 15h, nGbK
Meet the Artists, Guided tour

Saturday 14 September, (time to be defined), nGbK
Closed meeting with Bauhaus Lab I: Architecture after Speculation

Sunday, 15 September, 19h, nGbK
Roma International, artists talk with Nihad Nino
Pušija, Stefano Montesi

Monday, 16 September, 20.30h, Gemeinschaftsraum Baugruppe R50
[Ritterstr. 50, 10969 Berlin]
Common Grounds – New Publics, artists talk with Carlo Cellamare, Francesco
Macarone Palmieri, a.o.

Wednesday, 18 September, 18h, nGbK
Grand Tour – rivisitato, artists talk with Sandra Schäfer, Alexander Schellow,
Tobias Zielony

Wednesday, 9 October, 20h, nGbK
Pasolini & Late Modernism, artists talk with Maria Iorio, Raphaël Cuomo, Tobias

Sunday, 13 October 16h nGbK
Kaffe Kuchen Menschenrechte, Encounter with Refugees
Kunstvermittlung nGbK, Protestcamp Oranienplatz, kotti&Co

Saturday, 19 October, 20h, nGbK
Pasolini & Autogestione, round table with Klaus Ronneberger, Helmut Weber